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15 October 2020

New portal pressure measurement device for Australian physicians

Brisbane, Australia– Cook Medical recently received approval to supply a new device, the EchoTip® Insight™ Portosystemic Pressure Gradient, in Australia. The EchoTip Insight is an endoscopic ultrasound device that allows endoscopists to measure portal pressure. The EchoTip Insight currently has limited release pending completion of a physician training session, which Cook will begin to offer in October 2020.

Using the novel EchoTip Insight, endoscopists can support a new procedure to perform direct measurement of the portal and hepatic venous pressures under endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) guidance. This allows physicians to obtain direct pressure measurements of the portal veins and the hepatic veins in order to allow physicians to diagnose portal hypertension.1 For added simplicity, EchoTip Insight offers physicians the opportunity to perform an alternative, less invasive procedure that can be coupled with a routine oesophagogastroduodenoscopy (OGD) examination to help evaluate suspected liver diseases.2

Cook Medical’s EchoTip® Insight product

Conclusions from a recent human pilot study indicate that the technique of endoscopic ultrasound portal pressure gradient measuring (EUS-PPGM) using a 25-gauge needle and compact manometer setup is feasible.3 This finding may represent a promising advance for procuring valuable information in the management of patients with liver disease.

‘We are very pleased to receive this authorisation to market EchoTip Insight,’ said Barry Slowey, president of Cook Medical’s Endoscopy specialty. ‘As we work to improve the lives of patients with portal hypertension, we are committed to innovating the best technologies. Physicians will have one more tool in their toolbelt to better understand a patient’s treatment options.’

For more information about EchoTip Insight and other endoscopy products, visit

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